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Skittles Sorter - June 2003
Nestle Treasures Gift Packaging - Concept design of a Nestle Treasures promotional gift box. The final version ended up being produced out of paper, however this version was imagined to be chocolate brown plastic injection.
Cereal Lunch Kit -October 2003 - Here's another concept rendering in the initial stages of development. We pitched this to Kellogg's in 2003. They were more into smaller toys for within the cereal boxes at that time. I still think it's cool and it should have been made by now.
Cinco De Mayo Promotional Beer Bottle Opener - Promotional product to promote a famous beer company for a special Cinco De Mayo celebration - a traditionally styled wooden necklace medallion with bottle opener.
Candy Plumbing - April 2005 - This brings back good ol' memories. We had some fun with candy dispensers back in the day and ended up producing a bunch of things for Nestle's "Sugar Division" (and I got to travel to sunny L.A lol). I will post a few concepts that did make it to production soon. This one however, was not produced. But I still like it. The idea was that you could collect a bunch of tubes an build structures out of them. Sweet and green!
Magnetic Coffee Measuring Spoon - Measure the perfect cup of Joe and conveniently store this measuring spoon on your refrigerator in between caffeine intake.
P.I.N.K Glowing Ice Bucket 09' - Client: Freestyle Marketing. Ice bucket is designed to glow from the inside. Two layers of ABS plastic - black outer and clear inner. Designed to promote the NY based P.I.N.K Vodka.

Fortune Cookie Beverage Coasters - Design with promotional messaging in mind. Promotional code revealed after "opening" the coaster similarly to a fortune cookie.
Änglamark - 3D Renderings of Packaging Concepts 01' - Client: Änglamark. 3D illustrations of various packaging concepts for the Swedish food brand.

Candy Containers/Cases 05' - Clients: Nestle, Mars Incorporated. Various conceptual candy containers I did while working at Pacific Design & Manufacturing.
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Industrial Design - Foods & Beverages
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