Custom Wall Mounted Renderfarm 05'-07' - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. This project was a ton of fun, and it proved to not only be very functional and convenient - it instantly sparked an interest by anyone walking though the design studio front entrance. We mounted the computer in the foyer. The server room was conveniently located on the opposite side of the wall. It was a home depot/computer parts puzzle, and a lot of fun! The fans blew all the hot air from the bottom and out the top. Visit
Kitchen Renovation - Custom Tile and Lighting 04' - One depressing town house kitchen was given an uplifting renovation. The glass mosaic was fun! And time consuming. I put down cement boards on the floor to handle the distribution of weight added by the new tiles. I added lighting underneath the cabinets everywhere (on a dimmer). By adding additional spotlights in the ceiling, it got bright enough! ;) (almost like a movie set) The mosaic inlay in the floor borders the kitchen walkway and around the kitchen table area. Please see the next slide.
Kitchen Renovation - Custom Tile and Lighting 04' - Just a few more shots of more of the details. The mosaic iridescent glass tile was incredible - the colors changed as you moved around in the kitchen.
Vastra Kanal Gatan, Sweden 01' - These are random pictures from a complete apartment renovation project - which includes a new kitchen, floor tile work, wooden floor, mosaics, fireplace renovation, bathroom and paint.
Town House Renovation 04' - Every square inch of wall surface was painted, Pergo floors installed, new carpets, updated floor and crown molding + the kitchen which can be viewed on a seperate page here on Coroflot.
Pacific Design Kitchen 06' - Improving the company's Branchburg office eat in kitchen in an effort to create a creative and welcoming environment - for both employees and visiting clients.
Pacific Design Front Desk 05' - Custom built front desk for office entrance area with back lit logo on frosted acrylic inlay.
Pacific Design Interior Design 06' - Complete office renovation and interior design in an effort to create a warm and welcoming environment for both employees and visiting clients.
Interior Design & Carpentry
Fredrik Perman
Lead Creator & Innovator at The Product Farm Raleigh, NC