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We got very excited about the response, since the product was on it's way through the LA seaport and on it's way to us. We wanted to take more shots! We found a local creek, and adventured to an island in the middle of the creek, where a fallen branch reached across from one side to the next. Conveniently, this branch had a perfect nesting spot for the Vino2Go and I'm really excited how this shot came together from that experience.
Party Pink and Business Black! Available at http://theproductfarm.com/store/
Another very suitable place for the Vino2Go is the community pool, where glass is forbidden. I really like how the above image promotes drinking our favorite beverage, while acting responsible with the "No Diving" message under the tumbler. Another cool detail is how the text is reflecting in both the outer clear (SAN Acrylic) plastic as well as in the interior wine cavity. It's a shame I did not get a chance to enjoy the pool or the wine during the shoot. :)
Let's face it, Vino2Go | Party Pink is one of the colors you wanted, but could not get. Well, now you can! It's hot and ready for a good ol' time. Drink responsibly though, excessive consumption has been linked with visions of parading pink elephants - just ask our friend Dumbo

Available at http://theproductfarm.com/store/
Once we got our complete inventory in, it was time for pictures for our online shopping cart. We took these the night before the product launch - as always it's down to the wire and very last minute. However, it was all worth it and very rewarding when the store opened for business - a huge success.
It's amazing what one picture on Pinterest can do for your company, product or brand. I took this picture in the beginning of July and posted it on Pinterest on July 3rd. One week later, we have had over 20,000 visitors on our site and it didn't take long until it had been re-pinned over 3000 times!
Vino2Go | Business Black is a must for classy business professionals. Business black makes you look stylish in any scenario. Who knows, maybe James Bond will swap out his "shaken, not stirred" Martini glass with this distinguished tumbler to-go. Available now at http://theproductfarm.com
Vino2Go - Valentines Day Shot
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Vino2Go Product Photography

The Vino2Go™ double wall tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true. This BPA-free durable drinkware has a familiar wine glass shape making it a convenient and easy to use product for the beach, tailgate event, or other fast-paced adventures. 10 oz wine capacity. Made of SAN acrylic plastic.

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Fredrik Perman
Lead Creator & Innovator at The Product Farm Raleigh, NC