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Rihanna inspired denim looks - I love rihanna ,and her cool style. I love illustrating in this stylized way,makes GREAT presentation boards!!!
Janet Jackson inspired denim looks - I designed and illustrated this look that was inspired by Janet Jackson. Ms Jackson loves showing off her abs, so I created a wonderful look that utilized belt loops, and denim piecing. I think Janet would approve
Halle Berry inspired denim looks - I simply adore Halle, and love her style, which is usually stylish, but sophisticated. I decided to design a denim look that was daring,but sexy. I have illustrated Halle several times for presentations concerning clients in the past, I think this illustration and look are my best.
Ciara inspired denim looks - I love Ciara as well. In this illustration, I wanted to create more of a fantasy dealing with the dual elements of water and fire. In this denim look, we have python,and light washed denim. Coupled with heavy contrast coverstitch to give a "fun,quarky" look. I love this look. I think Ciara would too. (Now lets see if i can get her manager to get her to wear it)
Dynamic Duo, Paul McCartney and John Lennon inspired - A simple project created to celebrate ITunes and their new deal with the legendary musical brand
Brad Pitt- Winter in Siberia - Work done for Espejo Nelson Atelier, part of their "Dream Client" campaign. Used Adobe Illustrator strictly to create presentation. This board shows my skill in Fashion Illustration,Fashion Design,Tech Design
Tom Cruise- Autumn in Shanghai - Doing a series of designer looks that are celeb inspired that showcase my fashion illustration,design,and technical design talents.
Lenny Kravitz - Midnight in Gotham - This board was inspired by Lenny Kravitz in his ever changing style. I love lenny kravitz as a style innovator,and was a great inspiration for these looks
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