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Technicolor Vision : A study of Color and Luxury

Since a little boy, like many of us that were artistically inclined, I loved color. No REALLY, I ADORED color, big gobs of bright and wonderful colors that stimulated my young imagination. Being a designer in NYC, color was always a "bad word". You could use color for "pop" to accent garments, and maybe as ground color for some designs concerning the warmer seasons, but I was always told to be safe. "Never use bright colors, people don't like bright colors", In this collection, I will extend to use over the top coloration, luxurious fabrication, and precious metal trims. All combined to create a collection that is fun, fanciful, full of humor , but ohhhh so sexy and beautiful. I would like to add that I dedicate these looks to a man that I never met, but inspired me immensely during my fashion career. Patrick Kelly, you were a risk taker when you lived, and hopefully one day I can live up to your audacity

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Freelance Fashion Designer and Illustrator new york, NY