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Poetry book - As a personal project, and wrote and illustrated a poetry book based on my life in Paris, France.
Poetry book - It is composed of three little books. Everything is hand-made.
Poetry book - I mixed both of my passion here, publishing and packaging. This project has a particular soul.
Poetry book - Pictures and illustration composed them.
Poetry book - Example of the first book. I like playing with text and pictures.
Poetry book - I love type! Here I cut each lettre in magazines and glue them one by one according to the poem.
Poetry book - I only did abstract illustration in this book.
Magazine on a Mozart opera, Don Giovanni - The how to play with type.
Be original and keep the same idea all along the magazine.
Magazine on a Mozart opera, Don Giovanni - Three colours : red, black, white.
Magazine on a Mozart opera, Don Giovanni - The paper is one of the most important decision in that project. It makes all the difference.
Magazine on a Mozart opera, Don Giovanni - You can see all the magazine on my website www.alicelambert.com
Invitations - Three parties, one label : Night&Day.
Commercial cards - Presentation of the Nobel Prices of 2006.
Management report - I did my last internship in Chicago, Illinois. I created graphic design for boardgames.
Management report - The story of an incredible experience!
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Alice Lambert
Graphic Designer Whistler, BC