first flyer, presenting the event and its corporate design, giving some basic information.
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the final programme flyer, with all happenings, dates und locations.
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extra flyer for specail event: concert with the acoustic band "Stilbruch"!
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A1 posters for presenting different highlights and themes by using their 1st letter: lectures, discussions, concert, watching movies or football etc.
all the different A1 posters hanging on campus
A2 programme posters for notice boards
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banner for presenting the event at a promotion stand.
VISUAL IDENTITY // event logo, layout, advertising

WORK: Creativ direction for developing a visual identity including a logo for presenting and advertising the event. Because of so different topics and happenings a very flexibel style was required. The very simple typographic design with very characteristic fonts and colours could get much attation on the university campus. ///// BACKGROUND: the "Hochschultage 2012" is a biennal event of the smd on the campus of TU Dresden. During one week they had speeches to lots of topics, also discussions and social events, like football or watching a movie. For reaching a lot of people it´s very advertised in the 2 weeks before.

Friedemann Richter
Industrial Designer // expert in modeling (SolidWorks) + rendering Dresden, Germany