DragStrip is an analog arcade racing simulator designed to bring the non-tangible interactions of a two-player racing video game to the physical world.
It is an interactive toy meant for the young at heart, with the purpose of getting its users away from screens and together with friends to enjoy some healthy competition!
The game is composed of the arcade cabinet / player controls, and two race cars. The goal is to make your race car cross the finish line before your opponent’s.
Your car is fueled by repeatedly pressing your pushbutton as fast as possible. The faster the intervals of your button presses, the faster your race car will travel!
The race cars’ horse power comes from two Tamiya 5v DC motors and gear boxes, while the body and chassis are assembled out of laser cut pieces and construction paper.
The system is controlled by Arduino hardware and software.

The original analog arcade racing simulator!!!

Federico Rios
Industrial Designer Chicago, IL