Jacket #1 features 2 rows of vertical zippered pockets with hidden compartments.
Jacket #2 was made with asymmetrical pockets and very soft fabric.
Jacket #3 has 2 additional breast pockets.
Jacket #4 has an extra large collar and diagonal zippers.
Jacket #5 has hidden back and sleeve pockets.
Jacket #6 has velcro pinstripes to attach all kinds of accessories!
Gadget Jackets

Designed and prototyped a series of jackets that allow wearers to carry essential items without the need for bags, with most storage pockets hidden from view.
We devised six concept jackets, each with unique characteristics; but all sharing the same form language of multi-layered, geometrical patterning.
Done in collaboration with fellow designer Nick Hagelin.

Federico Rios
Industrial Designer Chicago, IL