TENZING - The ladder as part of the living environment

Almost everybody owns a ladder. But mostly they are hideous objects, hidden on balconies, in garages or in the basement.
What would such an object look like if it was a real part of the home? And which properties are necessary to make it a proper tool nonetheless?
Tenzing answers these questions. Wider steps and longer beams allow for comfortable and fearless working in the height. Light bulbs, power drills and other equipment are stored in the tool bag and remain at hand on top of the ladder. At the same time, the warm birch wood and smooth curves form an object that becomes a part of the living space. Tenzing invites to be left standing for a couple of days, as a high chair, monkey bars, a room divider or simply as a coat rack.

Fritz Specht
B.A. Industrial Design Düsseldorf, Germany