Starbuck's Satellite Radio/ iPod Dock - Designed a Satellite Radio inspired by Starbucks culture, atmosphere, and architecture for the ‘cafe goer’ and brand enthusiast’s home.
Marker Rendering (14X17) - RX-Coordinator:
Pharmaceutical Organization Carry Bag

Kreshnik Loxha
Director of Operations
RxCoordinator LLC,
IRIS Desk Lamp & VENTI Stool
VENTI Stool: Model Evolution
Early Lean Stool Development
GoTablet: "Design Anywhere"
ID@WIT CLASS OF 2011 - This is how we go down in history... with class
Fruit Holder > Final Product
Fruit Holder > Final Product: In Use
Form & Function - Compiled Images of the Final Product
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Dave Fustino
Industrial Designer Boston, MA