Werewolf Triple Feature - Saturday, January 30 - 7:30 PM It’s a Full Moon! Join us for a werewolf triple feature: SILVER BULLET, 1985, Paramount, 95 min. Dir. Daniel Attias. In this adaptation of Stephen King's CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF, Corey Haim plays a young man in a wheelchair convinced that there's a werewolf stalking the citizens of his town. Enlisting the aid of his alcoholic uncle (Gary Busey) and older sister (Megan Follows), Haim takes on the beast.
American Cinematheque - Freelance Volunteer work created for American Cinematheque.
American Cinematheque - Freelance Volunteer work created for American Cinematheque.
Monkee's Head - 40th Anniversary Showing - Promo for American Cinematheque
10th Annversary Screening - Promotional Art celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the reopening of the Egyptian Theatre.
Samuel L Jackson Double Feature - Promo Work - American Cinematheque
Seven Samurai - Promotion for Seven Samurai at American Cinematheque
Casablanca & Citizen Kane - Promotional Work for American Cinematheque
Promotional Work For American Cinematheque
Film Seminar - Promotional Work for American Cinematheque
Paul Newman Memorial Tribute - Promotion for the American Cinematheque
What Makes a Great Movie Moment? - Promotion for American Cinematheque
Mad Max Trilogy - Promotional Material for Upcoming Movie Screening
No Greater Love - Promotional Piece for American Cinematheque
The Road to Destiny - Promotional Piece for American Cinematheque
A Soldier's Prayer - Promotional Piece for American Cinematheque
Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet - Double Feature: MOULIN ROUGE & ROMEO + JULIET Sat Feb 14 7:30pm – Sat Feb 14 11:30pm Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Blvd LA, CA 90028
2001 A Space Oddessy - Mock art of a revival showing of 2001
Godfather Trilogy - Promotional piece created for American Cinematheque
Matrix 10th Anniversary - Promotional Poster for the 10th Anniversary Showing at Aero Theatre by American Cinematheque
AKIRA KUROSAWA REVISITED - Promo art for American Cinematheque
Far Out Space Series - Pormotional Material for AMerican CInematheque
Cine-Varda @ American Cinematheque - CINE-VARDA June 24 – July 1 at the Aero Theatre Presented in collaboration with the Unifrance and the French Film and TV Office in Los Angeles, French Embassy. With the support of ELMA. A gifted and outspoken feminist and one of the most acclaimed directors anywhere in the world, Agnès Varda Agnès Varda could be considered the prototype of today’s independent filmmaker.
American Cinematheque ~ Cine- Varda - Created as a promtional artwork for use on American Cinematheque's presence on various social network.
American Cinematheque
Gabe Flores
Graphic Designer - Greater Los Angeles Area Los Angeles, CA