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Vi exploided - exercise 1
Goosey sandal final design - my final project in college
inspired from animal from sea it call sotong /squeed as a motifs ornament on product to stronger the nuance of traditional of nature .
you can used this in your recreational time in the beach and even when you want to find a beach that is still virgin with heavy terrain to your surfing act.
goosey alternative 1 - alt sketches from my final project in college
Fast Break 3 - hmm.. what can i say..
I'm trying to explore PU Foam material (as 2nd density) with another kind of construction for cushion & new shape..
for the upper i like to say, this gonna be super wrap & fit n also still move freely on the ankle.. :D
League training Skecth - litle touch in PS.. 1,2,3..min. & ready to litle present..
The Oxxy - the idea is to make a formal shoe with a new experience of comfort.
the idea is to make a formal shoe with a new experience of comfort.
League Dedicated II - when I saw people wearing basketball shoes on the field and also off the field, it inspired me to make a basketball shoe with a strong sneakers style.
so wait the launching on the store.. :)
NIKE AIR MAX fitskin - Inspired from Nike flight Payton, but with adding adjustable upper , fit and cutting profile.
Footwear Sketch
Gagas Wara
Footwear Designer - adidas Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam