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Volans 2.0

Minimalist & the lightest running shoe for LEAGUE brand designed for runner who started to change their running style from heel strike to mid foot /fore foot strike, a transitional process to minimalist & barefoot running. Ideal for 5K-10K race day, interval & sort tempo run training.

Background :
A lot of runners go to minimalist & barefoot running to soon without do it gradually, beside less information but they are also getting confused by so many differences /variant of heel offset in the market. With a proper number heel offset for all type of runners & maintaining a natural foot motion will allow foot muscle to gain strength gradually & prevent from injury risk.
Runners especially in Asia/Indonesia are looking for minimalist running shoe with good amount of cushion, feel soft but still responsive.

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Gagas Wara
Footwear Designer - adidas Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam