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eStore Main - This device would be located in any public space, eg Airport Terminal, Shopping Center, Record Store.
The user can buy and add entertainment media, Music, Films, Podcasts, TV Shows, etc., to an MP3 Player and the device will transfer the media to it there and then.
eStore Storyboard - The user can search for what they want to purchase using the gestural interface, confirm what they are buying, pay and then the files are transfered to the MP3 Player
eStore Technical Info - The overall height of the device is 2.5m. This was kept so tall to attract attention to the device when it is not in use and so it can be seen over a large crowd of people
eStore Environments - The device is adaptable to many environments.
The tower can be painted to blend in with a specific location.
The profile of the device is 45 degrees and when two are placed side by side this forms 90 degrees, allowing 2 devices to fit into a corner.
4 devices can be placed side by side, creating a 180 degree angle, and can be placed up against a wall.
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My Final Year Project
Gary Cagney
Gary Cagney Dublin, Ireland