'Countryside Bedroom'-Corona Renderer

It was recently that that I thought to give a try with Corona render. Having used V-Ray for past five years for interiors; I was looking for new pastures that might open up new possibilities and new tools that could help me to broaden my approach with my work. I chose a scene that was lying with me and did some research on Corona. At a first glance what I noticed is that the render set up was comparatively easy and the materials were more simpler to make and it gave me more control of what I wanted to achieve. There was no fading of colours and they showed up exactly as I had in mind. The precise control over the materials helped me achieve realism more easily. The lighting set up was quite similar but I felt more ease in setting it up.

Freelance, Full-time
Gaurav 3D Architectural...
Lead 3D Artist/3D Generalist/ Architectural Visualiser Dublin, Ireland