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History of Fells Point & the Recreation Pier
Site photos
Side Elevation of Existing Site
Computer Sketches of design proposal
Rear of Recreation Pier - The entire three-story structure is glass, producing a modern and contemporary feel, allowing people inside to enjoy the spectacular water view and allowing those outside to observe the inside activity. The structure is connected to the parallel pier via an open ironwork covered bridge.
Birds Eye View - This view shows the multi-level floors of the structure. Large circular staircases at each end provide access to all levels. On the inside, you can see the stadium seating that overlooks the mezzanine level courts.
Interior View - This view shows the interior glass structure that encloses the tennis courts on the second level. Here the tennis courts are shown in the center of the building with the adjacent concession stand.
First and Second Floor - This view presents both the first and second floors of the design. The top drawing (first floor) shows the parking area and the main lobby that is on the waterside. Below is shown the second floor, which is comprised of squash courts and lounge seating around the perimeter, with tennis courts in the center. Also located on this level are concession stands, locker rooms, and a supervised children’s play area, providing childcare while parents are exercising.
Mezzanine Floor - The mezzanine is suspended above the tennis courts and is accessible from the main stairway at the south end of the building and well as directly from the adjoining head building. The space can accommodate either a full size NHL ice hockey rink or two high school size basketball courts. Seating located on the third floor above looks down onto this space.
Third Floor - The third floor is the primary area for viewing major events. There is bleacher seating on both sides overlooking the mezzanine floor below. The south end contains additional lounge seating, while the north end has additional locker rooms and concession stands, as well as a full state of the art fitness area, one wall of which overlooks the mezzanine.
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