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Girl in the Moon Pinup Illustration - Cartoon pin-up art of a sexy girl in the moon with beers.
Cartoon Coins - Cartoon illustrations of United States coins in caricature-type style.
Devil Girl Pinup - Cute devil girl pinup with 8 Ball & hot rod flames
Jeep Creep - Odd Rods. Big Daddy Roth style cartoon monster in hot rod Jeep Wrangler.
Cartoon illustration vector art of an angry bull terrier bulldog.
Freelance Cartoonist & Illustrator George Coghill Self-Promo card - Self-promotional mailer for my freelance illustration & cartooning services.
Cartoon One-eyed monster - Cartoon illustration of a fun little space monster with a retro bachground. Vector art.
Devil girl concert poster - cartoon illustration - Concert poster illustration & design work, featuring a sexy cartoon devil girl.
Cartoon Illustration
George Coghill
Illustrator/cartoonist & vector artist specializing in cartoon logos and cartoon... Kent, OH