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The Toshiba Rx is a tablet pc for nurses and other medical professionals, for mobile documentation and reference. It offers immediate mobile access to patient records, medical and drug reference, and enables instant connectivity in the hospital. By eliminating paper records, saving time and increasing accuracy, the Toshiba Rx hospital-wide solution has the potential to save millions of deaths caused by medical error each year.
The Rx is the first practical solution to computers in a hostpital environment, and offers portability and versatility that is essential to the nursing profession.
The Rx tablet is a portable electronic tablet that replaces and improves the functionality of the nurse's clipboard. Using state of the art medical software, nurses and doctors can document, diagnose, communicate and educate while bedside or on the go.

Nurses interact with the device through a touchscreen interface, but they may choose to dock the tablet for a more familiar feel.
Rx is a portable tablet computer with a docking base for desk use. The dock functions as the recharging station and enables easier information input with a keyboard. A touchpad is located on the raised portion in front of the keyboard, but the Rx has a mouse option for extended usage. With hospital-wide usage of the Rx, a nurse can use any of the many docking stations located throughout the hospital.
The entire design is water-tight for easy cleaning and disinfection, which is of paramount importance in hospitals. The dock's keyboard is made from a single piece of removable and washable rubber, making the most bacteria-ridden place easy to disinfect.
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Toshiba Medical PC

Toshiba Rx medical tablet pc

Geoffrey Cooper
Product + Interactive Designer Pasadena, CA