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part of a test series...
concept development
DPS _ Valtrex: barbed
pharmagraphx home page - pharmagraphx is a highly specialized creative resource that provides concentrated focus on the visual communication needs of both the pharmaceutical & medical industries. They create impactful icons, cogent wordmarks, product logos, package design, evocative illustrations, branding concepts and naming strategies.


eDetail template - A generic edetail sample (marketing aid)designed to demonstrate the flexibility of the pdf for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Only some pages are featured here. (nb: callouts refer to additional functional elements. I.e. animation; menu pop ups,
print on demand features etc.)
eDetail template - sample page 2 - Deeper into the eDetail template:
Overview of the functionality of the electronic and printed pdf elements.
eDetail template - sample page 3 - Another page in the sample file: This one demonstrates the capability of the pdf structure to embed movie files.
eDetail template - random page sample - Another example of how the pdf detail aid can embed custom navigational tools and animated files.
American Pharamaceutical Review - Cover redesign
Smoking Cessation: Self help booklet - - part of a advertising campaign for Zyban
(included DM, detail aids:DTP)
DM mailing - DTP - Each series of mailing highlight one key concern of treating asthma on the OE: brochure within delves deeper into the concern and remedy
DTP - detail aid - Sales aid: Direct to physician
Mobile Device Promo Marketing - (detailed content is available through direct contact only)
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George Shewchuk
Art + Design Director Toronto, ON