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ScotiaBank Visa Card Online promotion - Partial elements of the online and DM campaign shown.

TOP: DM incentive mailed to target (in a #10 envelope)

Stills from a flash storyboard shown (not in sequence):
(total running time 8 minutes with interactive devices throughout)

Target: medium size businesses/CFO's
Direct TV - 3 x 15s spots - Manulife Direct covers all of your insurance needs
(read top to bottom, 3 spots shown:)

1. You'll never work for anyone again
2. Ain't it great!

1. You'll never go on a date again.
2. Ain't it great!
(go to manulifedirect.com)

New baby
1. You haven't slept in weeks.
2. Ain't it great!
(go to manulifedirect.com)

-Winner of RSVP gold
concept banner ads - storyboard roughs for flash developers - Comped linears for client approval: 2 concepts ( of 7 presented) with 3 action frames for each shown
web site: Trajectory - ¥ designed and art directed logo; navigation icon, site behaviour
HTML email update - Monthly opt in update, emailed; hot linked to home site
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George Shewchuk
Art + Design Director Toronto, ON