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Concept ideas for a raised scaffolding walkway. Presented to Hampshire County Council.
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Stiffness concepts presented to the council.
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A board I designed to advertise the range of projects Triangle Ltd undertake.
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A top down view of railings including measurements.
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A side on view of railings which we designed for a set of stairs in the New Forest.
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What the railings would look like from the street.
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I learnt to use the MIG welder in the Triangle Ltd workshop.
An example of my welding!
Over 75 struts go into one cattle grid. All struts have to be welded in a jig, drilled, milled and then galvanised before they are ready to be installed.
Some galvanised struts in place. The modular system means faults can be replaced without the whole grid being dug out.
A hedgehog escape ramp!
The finished grid all shiny and new!
A railing we installed on the South Downs.
Work Placement at Triangle Ltd Steelworks

For my second internship I worked at Triangle Ltd a steel fabrication company in the New Forest.

I helped in the metal shops where I learnt to weld, grind, spray paint and construct projects.

Whilst there I designed the company catalogue from scratch which then went into production.

George Mabey
1st Class Engineering Product Design BSc Graduate Ulverston, United Kingdom