Broadpeak Sustainable is a Stockholm based venture with a multidisciplinary approach to deliver sustainable and finest creations from the land of India. They work with communities and not mass production centers, through which they aim at improving livelihoods, particularly for women and distributing fair share of profit for their hard work.
1 - Create a package that is patterned, exclusive and that could be used to package products like pots, lamps, bathroom or kitchen accessories, scented candles and other small interior design products.
2 - Create a modern eco-friendly packaging for spices, preferably a glass or pot. Taking into consideration that this package will have to be displayed in a food-store as well as keeping in the kitchen .
The outcome of both briefings can be checked bellow. It was a very interesting project to develop for Broadpeak. The project was done while I was living in Italy (may of 2015) before I moved to India to work for another company.

Gerson Hilbert
Designer Brazil