Founded in 2014, Clique is a startup promoted by the italian designers Claudio Larcher and Filippo Protasoni. Clique is the union of two different sectors, home accessories and eletronic devices. The company believes in the quality of the italian craftsmanship and details with user friendly technology.
In partnership with T&D Robotics, an innovative and progressive robotics company that produces machines to sculpt marble and other stones, the designers created a series of products that merge the ancient material with eletronic devices in a elegant and refined way.   


Filippo Protasoni and his team designed Asola, Chichera and Coulisse. Claudio Larcher, owner of the Modoloco studio, designed with his team Joy, Din and Apollo. 

I was part of Claudio's team at the Modoloco Studio and helped in the 3D modeling and rendering. We presented the collection at the Design Week in april of 2015, in Ventura Lambrate, Milan.

Gerson Hilbert
Designer Brazil