The innovation Eye workshop was a partnership between the Politecnico di Milano and the Diotima Society to develop new ideas and value systems following the methodology of the Strategic Design approach. It was held in the first semester of 2014.


For the first edition of Innovation Eye the theme chosen was Food, sector that was strongly related to the Expo 2015 that took place in Milan between may to october of 2015. The students from the master of Strategic Design were divided into 5 groups to develop new innovative ideas for the Food sector. Each group recieved a sub-theme to start the project.

As well as 5 companies related directly and indirectly to the food sector were invited to the project to share their needs and experience in order to recieve the new innovative ideas at the end of the workshop. The companies were:

1 - Bolton Group
2 - Ponti
3 - Candy
4 - Fluid-o-Tech
5 - Nutrition and Santé

My group developted projects for Ponti and Fluid-o-Tech.

Gerson Hilbert
Designer Brazil