Concept board representing the overall tonality of print and radio-based campaign.
Inflatable whales, key visual component of the campaign, would be featured in prominent locations of the city and at public events.
Two variations of a logo were presented for consideration.
A major promotional item suggested for the campaign is a 2 fold, 3 panel brochure highlighting the use of humour to illustrate the company’s advantages. The concept was reenforced with a print campaign featuring a true and false premise supporting the theme of the brochure.
Bus wrap alternatives plus the option of mooring of an inflatable for special events on a flatbed.
The business card featured a dye that when punched out and folded, created a free-standing graphic of a breaching whale.
Mitchell & Whale Insurance

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers is a family run business based in Whitby, Ontario.
After the passing of both his father and co-owner partner Mr. Whale, Mr. Mitchell’s son, Adam, was interested in injecting new energy into the promotion of the company. Toronto ad agency, Shore Creative, with responsibility for the account, generously awarded my firm a free hand in the development of new creative intended to expand their existing and potential clientele.
The concept was based on the promotion of large, inflatable plastic whales to be displayed at events throughout Whitby and to be graphically featured on various marketing materials as presented in the accompanying layouts.

Gary Helps
Creative Direction Belleville, Canada