The Mechanics original logo.
The first concepts were based on more typical automotive themes and concluded with what I refer to as the ”Flying M”.
It took a while but eventually, with the application of simple design elements taken from modern racing Jags such as the oval grill opening and dual headlights, the letter M smoothly morphed into its final form.
The Mechanics Logo

Tony Moon is a driven man. English by origin, he immigrated
to Canada in the 70’s, Jaguar apprenticeship in hand, to pursue
his passion for the automobile - preferably British, if you please.
His garage, The Mechanics, is atypically not so much a dealership
that sells used cars but more a place where English automotive
history is proudly perpetuated.

The Mechanics’ new logo is comprised of the identical graphic
elements of the previous variant (name, flag & car) but newly
modified and proportioned to present a more modern visual.

My first inclination was to create an automotive-oriented car
badge but the gradual morphing of the capital M into a more
recent Jaguar sportscar turned out to be irresistable and a far
faster piece of identification and communication.

As part of the assignment, I was also commissioned with the
design of the dealership showroom.

Gary Helps
Creative Direction Belleville, Canada