EUTHALIA: Modular system of urban gardening

The design was born inside the project “100 Virtuous Cities”, studied from the INDACO department of “Politecnico di Milano” for the refunctionalisation of residual areas.
The system was aimed to realize a garden urban unit. It was designed to create temporary spaces for gardening communities in metropolitan areas, for the distribution of their products or just
to hold decorative plants and flowers.
Six branches are developed around an hexagonal pole: each arm can be opened and closed independently, in a simple and safe way. The entire structure can be raised or lowered as required, to varying heights from the ground.
Some canvas for the drainage are linked to the arms , which may contain soil and plants, supported by a grid with structural function.
Another towel, waterproof and resistant, is tied from the bottom, down to the ground.

Giacomo Klein
Design & Engineering Milano, Italy