The choice of the gameplay was guided by the goal to create a gaming experience that would force players to counteract each other in order to achieve victory. The intent was to recreate a fratricidal battle, result of subtle strategies and subterfuge. This kind of purpose also inspired the background and the plot of the game.
Mafiarat, "the defeat of the rat" [HD Print on photo paper 30x45 cm.]
During the play, some playtester’s comments demonstrated the nature of the game: "I like to kill the others!" "This game brings out the worst in people…" "Here's how to dissolve years of friendships in a few minutes!"
MAFIARAT: Board game design

Mafiarat is a boardgame set in New York in the early twentieth century; the protagonists are five families of mice belonging to the Italian mafia. As soon landed in the Big Apple, the goal of mice is to obtain the monopoly of the markets of the city's five districts. For doing this, they have to embark on a journey full of pitfalls and to pay attention both to their opponents and the “feline police”, so ruthless as corruptible.
The game can be played from 2 to 5 players.
The project is developed in collaboration with Dario Spera, Federica D'Urzo, Nicole Lobia, Silvia D'Auria.

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Giacomo Klein
Design & Engineering Milano, Italy