Photos from the exhibition at Triennale di Milano. Video of the event:
The system consists of wooden cubes with standard dimensions; they can be assembled, to expand in three dimensions. The free movement that flows, follows the surfaces of the space in which it is immersed: from the walls, to the ceiling, down to outline a portal. The modules are interspersed with small bright frames, that sections the line and sets the rhythm in the space.
3d Modeling: Solidworks. Rendering: Maxwell studio, Bunkspeed Pro, Keyshot
Four wooden panels compose the modular framework. Some steel pins allow the assembly of the cubes. A traslucid plexyglass frame diffuses the light from a led system, located in the core.
Another example of arrangement.
PHAOS: System of modular furniture for home interiors

Winner in "Un designer per le imprese 2012" competition, a design contest organized by "Material Connexion" in collaboration with "Camera di Commercio di Milano", "Provincia di Milano", and "Triennale di Milano"
Exposed in Triennale di Milano museum in november.
Phaos is a modular system of forniture for home interiors, designed and produced with "Gruppo Corbetta", an italian forniture company. It is designed for defining spaces, and divide them in a personal and free way.

Giacomo Klein
Design & Engineering Milano, Italy