O-space, side detail: in evidence the shaped connection between the two symmetrical halves.
Front view
O-space, side view
White version, as the lamp comes in two colors: white or orange.
Orange version
technical contruction detail: the wiring internal system and the polyhurethane foam are visible.
O-space, light source group, detail.
O-space, sketches and studies for technical solutions for the light source mounting system.
O-SPACE, suspension lamp (with Luca Nichetto) | FOSCARINI spa

Subject of months of studies and research on materials aided by the technicians and mold makers, this lamp was the first lamp Foscarini in rigid polyurethane foam. It's main features are the peculiar system for diffusing light and a wiring embedded in the material, similarly to "reinforced polyurethane" used in chairs production. Some curious facts, finally: first of all, this lamp was originally thought to be spherical, but to give it a more dynamic aspect it was finally decided with Foscarini owner, to "crush it"; furterly, if the styling was rather "immediate", studies on materials took a long time, but they played a key role.
It was and remains one of the most succesfull and iconic pieces by Foscarini.

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Gianpietro Gai
senior product designer Valdobbiadene, Italy