Pippocampus, white version
Pippocampus, white version, side view
Pippocampus, white and red versions, front and rear view
Pippocampus, yellow version
Young knights...
Pippocampus model making: birch plywood slices for assembling the model.
Pippocampus model making:assembling the CNC plywood slices.
Pippocampus model making: refining the wood assembly.
Pippocampus model making: the finished wooden model (bi-component polihester resin).
Pippocampus: study sketches for the second version, pre-molding.
PIPPOCAMPUS, rocking horse | DISGUINCIO srl

Monocoque polyethilene rocking horse, designed with a specific industrial forming process in mind: rotational molding. Unlike my other projects, this object was born straight into a solid modeler, which mathematics were then used to build a wooden model out of CNC machined thick plywood slices. Indeed, it was selected in February 2004, along with 19 other projects, for the exhibition "Tipi italiani, giovani designers in mostra" curated by Alberto Bassi for Design-Italia. Published in various magazines such as "BOX International Trade", "DDN, Design Diffusion International", "PLAST DESIGN". Was then choosed for production by the brand "disguincio". Shortly after it was included in the shop of New York Moma.

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Gianpietro Gai
senior product designer Valdobbiadene, Italy