Sintesi, a full view of the final version. This stove, after few months it was added to the company catalogue, became the second most sold product of the company.
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Sintesi, final renders. General view.
Sintesi, final render. Detail.
Sintesi, study renders.
Sintesi, rendering of the final version.
Sintesi, final renders, front and side view
Sintesi: final 3D model in Rhinoceros 3D
Sintesi, first pre-production prototype.
Sintesi, first pre-production prototype.
SINTESI, pellet stove (with Beatrice Barozzi) | CS THERMOS srl

This is a "biomass" stove for an italian company, based in San Vendemiano, Treviso: CS Thermos. The company produces biomass based heating systems. Their deep knowledge in technical heating solutions required a stronger design approach: this is the first - still very light - attempt to get more "styled". The collaboration moves toward a stronger and more custom design.

(thanks to miss Beatrice Barozzi for her fundamental design contribute to this project)

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Gianpietro Gai
senior product designer Valdobbiadene, Italy