Juice dispensers "ZEROuno", thought in polished stainless steel, plywood and laquered mdf. Renders of final versions.
Juice dispensers "ZEROuno": renders of various models, completed with foot accessory to collect juice drops.
"ZEROuno" series: render of cereal dispensers final version.
"ZEROuno" dispensers family: cereal dispensers final version. Technical exploded view.
Study sketches for further models.
Photo from the company 2014 catalogue.
ZEROuno, juice dispensers | ZEPÉ sas

Zepè is a company making buffet accessories. Giuseppe Zema, founder and owner, asked me to design some new juice dispensers, some of them to coordinate with existing pieces like tables and trolleys of his own design. These are the proposal that went into production.
NOTE: some details, unluckyly, could not be re-designed due to limits imposed by the producer (i.e. the mesh of the drops collector.

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Gianpietro Gai
senior product designer Valdobbiadene, Italy