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Multi-functional toothpaste dispenser - It is a multi-functional dispenser that functions as a toothpaste dispenser, air freshener, and a nightlight. The dispenser will help eliminate the overcrowded bathroom sink top without riding it of some key bathroom essentials.
Interactive office bench
file cabinet - This is a filing cabinet that greatly illustrates the meaning of form and function. The main goal and key feature to this furniture piece is to make it appear to be a highly decorative sculpture but yet extremely functional. When placed in a business or home office, it generates more of a relaxing and comfortable feeling both mentally and visually. A sculptural piece is more appealing and yet just as functional as a conventional filing cabinet. The design was inspired by the shape of a dragonfly and would be sculpt out of Mahogany or Oak. (Model is half-size and sculpted out of wood.)
Grow with Me, MOD-RACER
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