PSP Auto Station - The PSP Auto Station has hard plastic exterior with brushed metal trim. The station has a suction cup mount that adheres to the window or the cup holder. This product has the ability to manage cords for easy storage, and the capacity to charge the PSP while in use, and mounted.
Password Journal 2 - The Password Journal 2 was rank #1 in the girl's electronics category for several years. The Password Journal opens with voice recognition. The user records a password that will only allow them to open the journal. Other features of the journal are: a night light, which allows the user to write at night, voice calender, and fun textures, which allows the user to create rubbings.
Password Keepsafe Box - The Password Keepsafe Box opens with voice recognition. The voice recognition allows girls to keep their most precious things safe and only responds to their voices. Girls can put their special things inside.
20Q Junior - This is a junior version of the popular "20 Questions" electronic handheld game.
Jam'n Shred Pen - The Jam'n Shred Pen includes a FM radio and a easy-to-store ear bud, and a built in shredder, which allows you to shred secret notes
Flip-lid Lighted Series - The Flip-Lid Lighted Series, includes: Poker, Blackjack, Slots and Solitaire. A few of the features are:auto-open lid, sleek portable design and a back lit screen. Lighted Solitaire was the #1 consumer requested game with a light.
Powermat Charging Unit - The Powermat allows the user to wirelessly charge up to four devices simultaneously. A receiver is embedded in the case that fits over the electronic device, such as: cellphone, Blackberry, and Ipod. The receiver sinks with the mat and charges your device.
Junior Bass Fishin - This is an LCD fishing game for kids. The game has engaging game play, cute animations and fun vibration feedback. See and feel the fish wiggle on the line when junior anglers catch a fish.
Follow Me Ducky - Interactive duck that follows along behind the child, speaks , spin.
Big Screen Tetris - Tetris electronic hand held puzzle game with a large display for easy viewing. Game includes three variations of game play.
EA Sports Mouse Basketball - This is an electronic LCD game with a computer mouse like interface. The on screen basketball player moves with the mouse movements. The user can make the player take a shot by pressing down on the unit.
Gregory Lavender
Industrial Designer Dallas, TX