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JAL business class seat - Japan Airliners business class seat with GK design, Tokyo - winner Good Design USA, Good Design Japan and I.D. Magazine Distinction
Continental Diamond Seat - Designed by the B/E Aerospace Design Studio 2008
Some imagery of Superjet 100 Cabin (thanks to Pavel Shamin) - Some images from Paris Airshow and fliught test cabin - with production interior.
United Premium Products - United Airlines FC, B/E Aerosace Design Studio, design Mark Peurifoy, colours Pentagram/ Daniel Weil
United Premium Products - B/E Aerospace Design Studio -2007
FC - Mark Peurifoy, BC - Jeff Hontz, Colours - Pentagram/ Daniel Weil
some recent seats
EOS interior
A380 exit area concept/ ACA GmbH - ACA, Munich rendered up my model with some mods.
Transportation Design
Glenn Johnson
director advanced design group, B/E Aerospace, North Carolina, NC