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These are small 6" x 6" paintings that I started to do for myself to start the new year creatively. They were done fairly quickly, in a few hours.
Several reasons why I started these pieces. 1) to change things up for me and give myself a fresh start mentally and creatively 2) to do some art that wasn't for a client or for someone else. 3) to build up my speed of how I work 4) to change up the subject matter of what I usually work on (urban-themed visuals, i.e. skulls, chicks, street art, etc.) 5) and to try something that I really haven't done before, and that is to paint with a single color for the entire piece.
I painted these in Photoshop with just one shade of color on a single color background, and created the other shades by varied brush pressure and also by using the eraser tool as a brush, almost like a scratchboard technique.

Glen Llorin
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Covina, CA