Z Residence Exterior Rendering - Environmental Architecture from Max Strang. Post work (extra lighting, background, landscape, color effects) by Gloria Gonzalez - 3D modeling, texturing, lighting by Glennis Santiesteban - Created at Spine 3D
Tent Oasis - Quarzazate - Created for Spine 3D Client wanted these tent structures surrounded by palm trees creating a cozy oasis feel. Everything was created in Photoshop with the exception of the basic tent shapes which were created in Max then detail to the tents was added in Photoshop.
Trump Puerto Rico - Created for Spine 3D - 3D rendering retouched in photoshop to give it that photo real quality Spine 3D is known for.
Cancer Center Garden - Created for Spine 3D - Retouched photograph of existing building to show how the space will look after construction.
384 Interior - Created for Spine 3D I wanted to share with you guys a recent interior i have created. Hope you guys like it. Programs used: 3D Max and Photoshop
Steakhouse Interior - In Collaboration with my friend Glennis, we created this dreamy/moody interior space for a client at work. Hope you guys like it. Modeled, textured, Final Render by: Glennis Santiesteban Post/retouch Magic: Me :) Created for Spine 3D For a step by step post work on this image check out the video on my FB page. Video starts at the base rendering straight out of 3d Max then shows step by step all the post added to reach the final Illustration: http://www.facebook.com/glogodesigns
Architectural Illustrations
Gloria Gonzalez
Retouch Artist | Photographer | Designer Miami, FL