Car Balloon Ad Illustration - Created at Spine 3D by Gloria Gonzalez, 3D components by Michael Sabates. For Before image check out my Facebook Page
Castles in the Sky
Elephant Valley - 1st draft of an illustration i created for a photo-manipulation contest that i entered Photo used:
Elephant Falls - Final draft of the illustration i created for the photo-manipulation contest. Photo used:
Elephant Valley Panorama - So i had 2 similar images and well decided to combine them to make one large panorama.
Crystal Lake - Image Drawn and painted in Photoshop using a wacom tablet
Crystal Lake - Closeup - Closeup of previous image showing the detail of the boat house
Bunisher - Anime sketch i colored in photoshop and then placed the character in an environment (also created in photoshop)
Motorcycle Illustration Teaser - I've been working on a bike illustration for quite some time now. Its been an on and off type of project that has been sitting on the backburner so i decided to share a glimpse of it. Hopefully i can finish it soon... Im not accustomed to painting plastic/metal from scratch in photoshop so this has become a really challenging piece. The 10000000 bolts and metal pieces that the bike has doesn't make thing any easier hehehe...
Icy Hot - Illustration i created for a photo manipulation contest i entered. I got 2nd place and it will be published in issue 77 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine :) Original Photo used:
Apocalyptic Vision - Here is the latest illustration, fresh out of the oven hehe. Im entering this for a photoshop contest, Hope it wins :)
Kempachi and Yachiru's Christmas - Well ive been wanting to create an anime illustration for some time now and Recently i stumbled across a Christmas anime contest. So, what better way to kill 2 birds with one stone. If you guys watch bleach im sure you can pinpoint who these characters are (they are some of my favorites) Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all of my friends.
Spine 3D Holiday Card 2010 - Holiday card i created for work.
Apocalyptic Vision-Revised - After viewing the image on the magazine i realized that the horizon looked weird... so i spent some time reworking the background and finally i can call this image finished. If you want to see the previous version:
Happy Turkey Day! - In celebration of Thanksgiving, i decided to create this cute illustration. Hope you guys like it :)
Gloria Gonzalez
Retouch Artist | Photographer | Designer Miami, FL