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Lumenote : A Generative, Data Driven LED Music Box

Lumenote is a LED music box that generates an endless, unique music composition based on different data sets to express the status of a topic of interest through light and sound. Instead of mechanical chimes, notes are created using programmable color LED lights which are interpreted by color sensors to play these notes through the speakers using an Arduino based synthesizer. Lumenote contains an algorithm that uses these data sets to create notes with varying colors that embed music composition parameters like pitch, note range, chord type, and effect amount into each LED. Lumenote creates an opportunity for a non-intrusive news update on a variety of topic interests, creating a pleasant soundscape from big data.

Lumenote is a concept designed and built by Gerry Mayer III in the Spring of 2018 as part of his coursework as a Master of Industrial Design Candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

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Gerry Mayer III
Master of Industrial Design Student at University of Illinois at... Chicago, IL