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This was an idea for a midi controller that would pickup table taps from each individual finger by sensing the different acoustic feedback difference from each of your fingers due to their different sizes. In practice it would operate like a 10 or more button drum or audio sampler using different finger tap combinations so you could play music on any surface.
This was an idea I had for the ultimate guitar playing chair that had indented surfacing on the back top corners of the backrest to allow your arms to go over the back of the chair more comfortably. Additional features included an ergonomic chair base grip and a small drawer for things like guitar picks or a guitar tuner.
This is an idea for renewable energy generation using piezoelectric transducing rods inside a hammer handle to charge a power tool's battery. The repetitive large force of the shock would generate high voltage that could charge a dead battery.
This was an idea to generate renewable energy with the action of typing. The rapid pressure of a number of keys pressing a piezoelectric transducer could generate a low voltage to trickle charge a phone or iPod while you work.
This idea was for a different type of laptop control format for tasks where a lot of typing was not needed like checking medical charts or on a factory floor. The smaller form factor of a slide swiping keyboard would allow one hand text input and would make room for a small second screen in the base of the laptop.
This idea was for a braille mouse that could allow visually impaired people to use any PC. The idea is that there would be an API that would process text into motor control to drive a physically changing single braille character under the pointer finger while the user hovered over a word. In this way any PC could provide a physical braille display.
Here are a few more of the saved up Post-it ideas I had over the years. Some were never developed further, but it was certainly fun to look back at some of these ideas from the past. I had some good laughs looking back at the Argumend and DMV ideas :)
My Early Years: Sketches and Ideas

To help share a little more of my story, I wanted to show some of my old ideas and sketches dating back to high school and college, before I discovered the field of Industrial Design.

Learning about different technologies caused little ideas for products or services to pop into my head and I would write them down on folded Post-its that I'd throw in a drawer for later. Before I learned design sketching, I tried developing some of these ideas into very rough sketches so I could communicate the ideas with friends or family.

I recently came across these after forgetting about them for many years and thought they would be fun to share! Some of the Post-its definitely gave me a good laugh!

Gerry Mayer III
Master of Industrial Design Student at University of Illinois at... Chicago, IL