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StereoSpace: A Two Part Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

StereoSpace is a portable, two part Bluetooth speaker that puts you in command of your music, wherever you go. Most portable Bluetooth speakers have internal speakers that are so close together, you are essentially listening to your music in mono. StereoSpace improves on this listening experience by allowing the listener to separate StereoSpace into two halves and set them up a few feet apart, in front of them. This positioning of the left and right speakers allows for a rich stereo music listening experience, allowing for a clear awareness of sounds coming from the left, right, and everywhere in between. With two separate auxiliary inputs, each StereoSpace half can be used as a mini amplifier for two musicians to individually connect their electronic instruments and have a mini jam session anywhere!

Gerry Mayer III
Master of Industrial Design Student at University of Illinois at... Chicago, IL