Search Results: Bing! Maps incorporated, Search Enhanced Alt-Sell: Headers for Host Brand, Family of Brands and other Wyndham Hotel Group Brands. Sort within Headers by available brands, then unavailable. Suppression: Show only available properties for stay dates, footers to see all/see only available hotels. Brand and Amenity check-boxes in search widget.
Hotel Mini-Sites with tabs for Hotel Overview, Room Types and Rate Plans, Photos & Videos, Dining, Maps & Directions, Ratings & Reviews
Maps & Turn by Turn Directions
Rooms & Rates
Reservation Detail & Guest Information & Payment
Wyndham Redesign

Wyndham Hotel Group's Economy Brand websites were templated with little interactivity. The booking path was inefficient and there were no cues to indicate to the user where they were in the process. We incorporated interactive features and a wayfinder to engage customers and reduce step loss. My role as eCommerce Manager was to contribute to requirements and manage user experience testing, Brand UAT and launch.

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Gaye McVeigh
eCommerce Site Design, Optimization and User Experience Morristown, NJ