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Milestone Zero - Strategic planning consultant
Seattle Barter Exchange - Logo for rebranding campaign
Tone Deaf Philharmonic - Visual identity for amateur electronic musician.
Suburban Pilgrim - A religious podcast
Communitas Collective logo - Proposed logo proposed for rebranding. Communitas Collective is an online community exploring fresh and meaningful ways to be the church.
Personal Logo for my paintings - I'm building another portfolio for my paintings. They are done in Pacific Northwest Coast Native-American style. They can be found at http://www.coroflot.com/gmnwc
Truly Motivated Transitional Living - Short-term housing for recovering substance abusers transitioning back into society
H1N1 Webinar Series - Webinars about using Depiction software to coordinate distribution of vaccines.
Janice Meadows - Janice Meadows and her husband collect Northwest Coast Native American art. The image in the center is a raven, presented in a traditional distributive style, where parts are arranged to fill the space.
The Collective Podcast - Logo proposed for a podcast intended to encourage community and authenticity. My role was to build the brand, develop the logo and tagline.
T3 Conference - Annual engineering conference
Logo for eclectic music video blog
HydroAno2 - Biocomposting process
REZonate music fest - Benefit festival to purchase school supplies for Oglala Sioux children on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, the most impoverished community in America.
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