Raven Drum - I'm always asked if this was painted on a real drum. No, the drum is painted on the canvas too.
Bear Copper
Blackcapped Chicadee - Painted with gouache
Bentwood Box - Painted with gouache
Soul Catcher (unfinished) - Painting of a soul catcher. Represents an octopus (center) and a land otter, both transitional creatures that can travel, at least for short times between land and sea.
Gonakadeit House Post Painting - 6' tall on cedar. Sorry for the terrible photo.
Hummingbird - Painted with gouache
Wolf Face - The original painting was commissioned as a birthday gift and is proudly displayed as the focal point in their living room. An alternate version of this image was also given as a birthday gift.
Chilkat Diving Whale
Frog Painting - Commissioned painting. Acrylic on board.
Octopus Panels - The preliminary sketches for this painting are in the sketches set of this portfolio.
Badger and Puffin - This piece was commissioned to commemorate a 25th wedding anniversary. The husband identifies with a badger, the wife with puffins. The smaller faces interspersed amongst the primary creatures are the spirits of laughter, love, and happiness.