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Hand Blender concept... 3d relief texture work for handling better
Handling ergonomy...
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Hand Blender (personal practice, 2017)

Hand Blender concept study
Mostly solved products as hand blenders, kettles, likewise kitchen stuff still remains many problems with a designer look.
This hand blender study demonstrates a human factors problem about the gripping ergonomy and discusses functional button complexity problem.
Also a current trend of using 3d relief textures are applied as a punch marketing factor on the product while creating a manufacturing innovation of using only 3 molded parts to build the main body while the competitors are about 5 to 8..
This is a good example of my holistic approach about product design;
Considering all stakeholders needs and expectations from a new product is always inevitable for a business success.

Freelance, Full-time
Gokhan Keman
Industrial Designer Ankara, Turkey