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TriaSense, all in one ironing concept, 2012

Triasense is a design approach to ironing process by combining the iron body, ironing-board, iron water which are directly bonded to one ironing process but physically separated products. While doing this combining process, it also aims to generate security, usability, practical solutions to the product using cycle.

Triasense is a simple answer to the new emerging needs of more individuality, living in smaller and compact living spaces and as a result expecting more rapid, more accurate, smarter functioning products, also able to be stored in small spaces. Hence, Triasense offers a solution that all the ironing equipment to be packed in a hand bag style, gaining time, space and cost reduction.
To sum up, Triasense suggests a healthier, safer and more technologic perspective to the need of practical and rapid need of ironing process while having a holistic aesthetical approach to all parts gathering the set.

Freelance, Full-time
Gokhan Keman
Industrial Designer Ankara, Turkey