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ph7 thermal kettle (Shortlisted in Core77 Greener Gadgets competition, 2009)


Avarage household size is falling across the Europe according to the dramatical change in proportion of
one- and two-person lifestyles, postponed marriages and the home office-single working conditions.
As a result using the current household appliances with new individiual purposes create great loss of energy
and sources. pH7 is a thermal kettle designed for individual needs both for home and office. Using the conventional
2lt.kettles just for one cup of coffee creates approximately %80 energy loss just for boiling water.
pH7 enables user to have hot water in a very short time and with a less amount of energy. Beyond its heating
function, pH7 is also designed as a thermos flask in order to keep your hot water for a long time during the day.
With its neat form and unique light enhancement, pH7 creates the visual language of sustainibility and
tries to be the icon of ecological sensitiveness in our everyday lives.

Freelance, Full-time
Gokhan Keman
Industrial Designer Ankara, Turkey