Take it easy - A saucer with a handle meets a twin cup handle, offering a new way of holding this pair.
Lock Cup - A cup that is designed for people who share workplace facilities such as a kitchen. The cup has a hole which prevents people from using it. Only the owner of the cup can use his shaped key to close the hole, pour the coffee and enjoy the drink.
Vanilla - The traditional paper cupcake cups are replaced with ceramic ones, and may be used for serving sweets.
Surprise! - The cookie, which is usually served with the coffee, is placed in a surprising place, underneath the curved bottom of the cup.
Info Tray - The confusion that often arises when serving coffee to your guests - "whose drink is it?" is resolved with a plastic board positioned on the bottom of the tray. It allows you to write information about the contents of the various cups.
Coffee ware
Efrat Gommeh
Efrat Gommeh | Product Design, Concepts, and Design Management Tel Aviv, Israel